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Envelopers supports start-ups and SMEs by offering flexible funding for projects including co-development in exchange for shares or downstream revenues. We can help you navigate the early steps of your project, getting you to the stage where external investment can be raised against a proven concept. 

De-Risking your Technical Development

Idea Development

[ Desirability] 

Technology Development

[ Feasibility ]

Business Development

[ Viability ]



Proof of Concept

Production Readiness

Envelopers as your trusted partner

Your Business




We can discuss alternative funding options for your projects. We are willing to lower our rates, fund a portion of the development ourselves, and split the risk of your company's long-term success (or failure). This path may be especially appealing to startups where opportunities are abundant but cash is limited.

Co-development partnerships allow for greater collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and leveraging of each other's strengths and resources, resulting in a more efficient and effective development process.

Da-rate contracts


We can perform assignments on a daily rate basis, with the understanding that we will reduce our rates to represent the certainty of longer-term contracts. 

TRL Diagram

We also offer fixed price assignments, where we will provide project management to ensure that the product is delivered on time and on budget. 

Fixed Price


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